Monday Pistol Matches - 10:00am start time

              Targets are provided

 1st Monday of the month:Bullseye and practical shoot, any caliber

2nd Monday:Steel Challenge (plates), rimfire or centerfire, no magnums

3rd Monday: Steel plate match (.22 lr only)

4th Monday:  Steel Challenge (plates), any caliber, no magnums

5th Monday: open shoot, match type by consensus

Tuesday evening rimfire pistol Steel Challenge matches:

every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month, 6pm-8pm.

Regular Saturday Rifle Matches - 9:00am start time (CMP match at 10:00am)                             Targets are provided

1st Saturday  -  .22 lr at 100 yards, offhand, 20 or 40 rds.
nd Saturday  -  .22 lr 50 yard benchrest & .22 lr "F" Class 100 yards
rd Saturday  Steel plates, offhand, 40 to 60 yds, timed (.22 lr only)       

4th Saturday  -  Centerfire rifle, offhand, at 100 yards, 20 or 40 rds.

4th Saturday - CMP match: prone, prone rapid fire, standing; 10 rds. ea.      

5th Saturday  -  open shoot, any caliber, any range; bring your own targets